Edgar- O

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Is a underground male rapper from Chicago who got his break in late summer 2008 when he released his sophmore mixtape ‘Im Takin ova’ which includes tracks like #9 called ‘The things I do’ which gave him a little bit more recognition mostly in the South and North side, Chicago, Il.

Although it was the first time that many had heard of EDGAR- O, he kept a high profile prior to his club success with many hits such as ‘The things I do, Keep my name out your mouth, Confident and Stuckup’ and much more!! He has already released 3 mixtapes in which case has sold over 300 copies IN the US. Edgar- O explains ‘Being an independent artist is more hard than people think because u have to pay for everything and for me to sell MORE than 300 copies is a blessing NO other underground artist from the south has done it, so im very happy about my sucsee with the things i do’,laughs.

The success of ‘The things I do’ led Edgar- O to write the 3rd mixtape which will be released June 1st 2009 call ‘All for you’ which he describes as a ‘Love song’. Edgar- O’s track ‘All for you’ Ranked at #5 over at Madeloud.com for the top 10 most downloads. over 2000 plays and 500 downloads.


Edgar- O – Everything

Genre – Hip Hop, R&B, Rap
Hometown – Chicago, IL


Official Site – http://www.madeloud.com/artists/edgar-o
Other Sites – MySpace, Youtube

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