Faire du Surf

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My best friend is my acoustic guitar, Stella, with whom I write everything. I write songs whenever I’m inspired; sometimes it’s when I’ve been staring at my hands for two hours, sometimes its in my car, sometimes its when I wake up, but whenever it is, I don’t force it. Initially I took to writing about love, but recently experiences with reference to geography and people have had a prominent influence on my writing.

I consider the start of my serious songwriting to be February 2nd, 2007 when I wrote “A Stroll with You”. Everything took off from there, and I haven’t looked back since. In the words of a good friend of mine, making music seems to be a lifelong task for me, and there is comfort in that. So as times go on, the tide rolls out and back in again, I will be making music and I hope you’ll be enjoying it.

– Griff Taylor


Griff Taylor – Sitar, Electric Wah Wah Kazoo
Tyler Peterson – Lute, Slide Whistle
Ian Cunningham – Didgeridoo, Lead Gregorian Chanting
Brennan Jung – Glockenspiel, Wind chimes

Genre – Indie / Surf Rock
Hometown – Vancouver, WA


Official Site – http://fairedusurf.wordpress.com
Other Sites – Purevolume, MySpace, Twitter, BandCamp

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