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Flatsound – I Miss You When You’re In Scotland


Sometimes when I cant sleep I come up with an illogical hypothesis for everything, giving it a reason and understanding in my head. Like how time can be measured by a piece of string and how the knots I tie in the string represent a significant existence. Then I see what two knots on the string are closest together and use that to judge compatibility between people. If they’re touching, they’re soul-mates.


Mitch & Friends

Genre – Lo-Fi, Bedroom
Hometown – Fallbrook, CA


Official Site – http://cllct.com/art/flatsound
Other Sites – Tumblr, Bandcamp, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube

Terms of Use

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  1. I love your music and I think more people should here it. It needs to be spread all over. You know that kind of music where you listen to it and your heart starts to hurt because its just so good and inspiring? That’s your music.

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