Like A Villain

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Like A Villain – Who Ha!


In early 2008, Holland Andrews began a solo project behind the alias of Like A Villain. Holland is a dual-instrumentalist playing both clarinet and tenor saxophone. She pulls her influences notable minimalist composers such as Arvo Pärt, Erik Satie, Steve Reich, and contemporary vocalist Meredith Monk. Other influences include modern experimental music’s spearhead, Björk, and the heavily sampled and melodic style of The Books.

Her aim has been to put emphasis on the roots of organic sounds, creating a sort of tapestry of real sounds, having them be her voice, clarinet, saxophone, or any other recorded material. Her heavily layered instrumental tracks give a haunting illusion of an orchestra while it is only she who plays. Her mixed and sampled songs give hints of perhaps using electronic instruments while it is all completely organic.

Like A Villain currently lives in Portland, Oregon.


Holland Andrews: Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Claps, Taps, Miscellaneous Noises, And Other Laptoppery
Gus El Magnifico: Inspiration, Shadow Puppetry, Floating

Genre – Acapella, Experimental, Instrumental, Minimalist
Hometown – Portland, OR


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Other Sites – Last.FM, MySpace

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