Rick Fowler

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With a raw soul reminiscent of early Johnny Winter and an aural suspense akin to Robin Trower, Fowler and band deliver the energy, joy, anger, and often deep torment found in the very best of blues-rock.

Rick Fowler has been playing guitar and singing in bands since the age of twelve. He learned to play primarily by listening to early British blues/rock guitarists and American blues players. He has performed with some of the world’s top musicians and toured much of Europe and The Mediterranean. Although he has played a number of musical styles with various artists, his deep blues roots can always be clearly heard.

Rick’s earlier bands included Ziggurat, Deacon Little, and Fortnox. Fowler also recorded with pop singer Bertie Higgins, whose hit single Key Largo reached platinum sales in several countries. In 1982, the Fortnox song Storm Inside My Head went to number 44 in US Airplay and the band’s video reached the top 20 on MTV. The band toured non-stop for a year in support of the record, headlining medium venues and performing in stadiums as the supporting act for top rock acts such as Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, George Thorogood, Joan Jett, The Ramones, The Outlaws, Johnny Van Zant, April Wine, Pat Benetar, and dozens of others. In 1984, Rick’s band Bombay recorded an album with legendary British producer Eddie Offord (of John Lennon, Yes, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer fame) supported by the MTV video Rumble Tonight.


Rick Fowler – Vocals / Guitar
Gerry Hansen, Bill Berry – Drums
Michael C. Steele – Bass
Tim White, Randall Bramblett – Hammond organ
Jonathan Dorsey, Michael C. Steele – Backing guitars
Sherry Joyce, Michael C. Steele – Backing vocals

Genre – Blues Rock
Hometown – Athens, Georgia


Official Site – http://www.rickfowler.com
Other Sites – Facebook, MySpace, BandCamp

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