Wisdom Tooth

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Widsom Tooth – Cathedral Park


Meagan Day picked up a mandolin when she was sixteen and started to play folk songs and old-timey tunes on it. She began writing her own songs when she was seventeen, mostly in that vein. Those were songs about things she didn’t know anything about. She got confident enough to write songs about her own life, pop songs, when she was maybe eighteen.

Her shows are mostly held in living rooms. The best ones are, anyway. She prefers intimate lighting and for people to be sitting on the floor sipping hot beverages. Those shows are so much more comfortable for her than playing in bars or at non-residential music venues. Backyards also work well, especially when there’s food involved.

Most of her songs have a very lo-fi simplistic sound and for her, simplicity is not necessarily important in her personal life, but in her music yes. This is for a few reasons, the main one being that she has only got a computer and a microphone designed for taking online language courses, so simple is about all she can do. Another reason is that, more ideologically speaking, she thinks an emphasis on technical complexity in art is really intimidating for people, and she doesn’t want any part in intimidating people. If you’ve got music inside you, make it. There’s no guarantee that anyone will want to listen to it, but it’s no use holding it in or being ashamed of it because you’re afraid it’s too naive.

Information taken and modified from an interview at http://wisdomtoothjams.tumblr.com/page/2. Visit the same link for the full interview.


Meagan Day – Everything

Genre – Seasonal
Hometown – San Francisco, CA & Oak Park, IL


Official Site – http://wisdomtoothjams.tumblr.com/
Other Sites – CLLCT.com, BandCamp, Hi54LoFiRecords, Facebook, MySpace

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  1. I have been looking for this band for AGES. Since I had the lake fort phantom album. WHERE CAN I CONTACT THEM?

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