The Phase

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The Phase – Dirty Angel


The Russian music world was always a very closed system. The foreign countries have too little information about what is going on in the Russian Show Business Stage. Some pieces of Pop music and little bit of old rock can’t satisfy the tastes of the music lovers. They don’t reflect the reality of the world, the tastes of people round. The chip music vision of the girls’ and boys’ bands gives only the peoples dislikes. On such a platform the underground music is getting more and more points.

Now it’s a time of the birth of many talented bands that produce the music of very high quality that can be worthy competitors to the Western and European rough Dance Bands. One of such bands is The Phase. The Phase was formed in 2003 in Moscow. It is three different persons that are also good, loyal friends, three different lives that are connected into one joint unit.

The band is: Dekeey – Dj/Sampler, Firmach – Mc/Showman, Crab – Dancer. ‘The Phase’ plays different music, but considers itself to be Electronic Punk. The band takes part in different festivals, playing with Nu Metal and Punk Rock bands. ‘The Phase’s’ main theme is the reflection of the inside world of the musicians: the fears, love, loneliness and the person’s position in the world. ‘The Phase’ has the outstanding live energy during show. The musicians feel perfectly on any stage, either big open air or little club getting the audience from the first chords.


Dekeey – Dj/Sampler
Firmach – Mc/Showman
Crab – Dancer

Genre – Electronic Punk
Hometown – Moscow, Russia


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Other Sites – MySpace

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