The Postmen

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The Postmen – Stolen Thief


The group’s beginnings lie in late 2008 when Lawrence Zito and Julien Henchoz, using the same computer, discovered a shared passion for music (60s & 70s). They decided to form a duo, before being joined by Louise Meynard (cello) a few weeks later. This is the true beginning of Postmen.

After several months of work, several original songs were written and the range of instruments have expanded to bass and piano. Influences such as The Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan and Leon Russell is felt during the beginning stages, particularly through research of vocal harmonies that became one of the main aspects of the group.

Feeling the need to inject more energy into their music, they were joined in April 2010 by Julien Dinkel, which is when the drums and piano, contributed more towards a stronger vocal harmony.

Now to complete the Postmen, they’re concentrating on their compositions and are regularly attending concerts in Geneva and its surroundings.


Laura Zito – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Julien Henchoz – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice
Louise Meynara – Cello, Voice
Julie Dinkel – Drums, Cajon, Piano, Voice

Genre – Pop, Folk
Hometown – Geneva, Switzerland


Official Site –
Other Sites – Jamendo, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube

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