Music is art, not a commodity.

Music is not a job, it is a creative hobby that very few are lucky enough to live off of entirely and this is why GetFreeSongs is holding on to its objective of providing a considerable amount (if not a huge amount) of exposure to new and emerging artists today. In other words, this is a place to discover new music and find hidden gems, to explore music styles that not only will tickle your sense, but also to allow anybody to indulge into a self discovery of music genres that one might never take into liking. Music is always more than just something to listen to or some way to pass the time.

New songs are released all over the world, and is practically impossible to buy CDs of all the albums everytime. It is for this reason that it is now possible to legally download your favorite songs from the internet through official music download channels. The various music services that facilitate the downloading and recording of songs, allow you to do so without one ever having to leave the comfort of his or her house.

We strive to build a community for lovers of free music, jumping onto an existing platform, supporting and strengthening the foundation for these free music to reach a greater volume of listeners, and to support those who would rather have their music heard than sold.

We categorize songs by genres and have each artist’s page to include some personal information, their websites and of course their free downloadable / streamable songs. We encourage listeners to vote for your favorite artists and help to spread the word of their music.

Happy listening and have loads of fun!